[Answer] What does URL stand for?

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…1. Uncertain Registered List 2. Uniform Resource Locator 3. Universal Radio Location 4. Ubiquitous Retro Landline

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Uniform Resource Locator – Every domain on the internet has its own unique IP address, which is a string of numbers separated by periods. Think of it like a phone number. Rather than forcing users to consult a big yellow or white book to see which numbers correspond to which names, Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) are automatically linked to IP addresses. Consequently, typing a URL — such as triviagenius.com — into a browser will automatically connect you with the number you’re looking for. Full URLs are broken up into several parts. The first part, “http,” is the protocol or format that you will be using. The domain is the first unique string of characters that follow the protocol — in this case, “triviagenius.” Slashes are then used to signify additional pages, beyond the homepage, within a domain.:

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