[Answer] Where are these picturesque falls?

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…1. Bora Bora 2. Bali 3. Hawaii 4. Guadeloupe

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Hawaii – The Kolekole Stream travels over the 442-foot-tall ‘Akaka Falls before it is swallowed up by rainforest. Located on the Big Island of Hawaii near the Hāmākua Coast, a loop trail leads visitors through the rainforest near the city of Hilo and arrives at the final vista of ‘Akaka. The waterfall is a must-see for any visitor, but not simply due to its cascading beauty. The waterfall is also home to the goby fish called “o’opu alamo’o.” Using a sucker on their underbelly, this fish travels from the Pacific Ocean where it lives up the wet rock behind ‘Akaka to arrive at the goby fish spawning grounds in the stream above the falls.:

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