[Answer] Which city is nicknamed the “City of Bridges”?

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…1. Portland, Oregon 2. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 3. New York City, New York 4. Denver, Colorado

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is built on the spot where the Allegheny River and Monongahela River come together to form the Ohio River. With its three famous rivers, it should come as no surprise that Pittsburgh is chock full of bridges. In fact, with 446 of them, it more than earns Pittsburgh its “City of Bridges” nickname. (That’s even more than Venice, Italy!) According to Visit Pittsburgh, the most recognizable bridges in the city are the Three Sisters. Said to be the only trio of identical bridges in the United States, this set of bridges crosses the Allegheny River, connecting the two halves of the city. There are other U.S. cities with many bridges and even some with similar bridge-centric nicknames (Portland, Oregon, is sometimes called “Bridgetown” or “Bridge City”), but the City of Bridges nickname goes to Pittsburgh.:

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