[Answer] Where are these "painted" cliffs?

Where are these “painted” cliffs?

…1. South Africa 2. Madagascar 3. Australia 4. Morocco

[Answer] Where are these “painted” cliffs?

Answer –

Australia – Off the coast of Tasmania, Australia stands a mountainous island called Maria. Maria Island was once a penal colony for convicted felons — yet, its landscape is a work of art. The sandstone stretches in mesmerizing patterns and waves at the island’s Painted Cliffs at Hopground Beach. This results from groundwater emerging from the porous stone, tracing iron oxide to stain the rock in red, yellow, and orange bands, which are caused by regular layers in the sandstone. While visiting the natural art gallery of the Painted Cliffs, you’ll also enjoy a plethora of animals, birds, and oceanic creatures that live in the island’s national park.:

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