[Answer] Where is the world’s largest oasis?

Where is the world’s largest oasis?

…1. Qatar 2. Iran 3. Saudi Arabia 4. Egypt

[Answer] Where is the world’s largest oasis?

Answer –

Saudi Arabia – No, that’s not a mirage; that’s Al-Ahsa Oasis, the world’s largest self-contained oasis, as recognized by Guinness World Records. Situated in south-eastern Saudi Arabia about 40 miles inland from the Persian Gulf, the oasis (which is fertile land with a water source in the midst of a desert) is home to over 2.5 million palm trees spread across 32.9 square miles. Agriculture is resplendent all year in the fertile oasis, as the soil is fed by an underground aquifer of natural fresh-water springs. Over 280 artesian springs irrigate the area, which is centered in the Al-Ahsa region. Recently becoming a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2018, the oasis is one of two oases considered the most important on the Arabian Peninsula, the other being Al Ain, located on Saudi Arabia’s border with Oman.:

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