[Answer] Where is this gorgeous red ravine?

Where is this gorgeous red ravine?

…1. Sebes, Romania 2. Zhejiang, China 3. Arizona, United States 4. Liguria, Italy

[Answer] Where is this gorgeous red ravine?

Answer –

Sebes, Romania – Romania’s Râpa Roșie — aptly translated to “Red Ravine” — is often compared to the Grand Canyon in the United States, albeit on a much smaller scale. And it’s not difficult to see why: Over the course of 60 million years, nature carved this spectacular ravine, filled with spiky towers and unusual formations of gravel, sandstone, quartz, and red clay. The geological formation is quite unique for Romania’s landscape, which otherwise consists of lush hills and mountain ranges. Though resembling the Grand Canyon, the Red Ravine is somewhat less grand — its tallest peak reaches only 300 feet. But luckily for visitors, the site remains relatively under the radar, located just outside the town of Sebeș. :

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