[Answer] Where is "extreme sitting" a sport?

Where is “extreme sitting” a sport?

…1. Sweden 2. Canada 3. Austria 4. Germany

[Answer] Where is “extreme sitting” a sport?

Answer –

Germany – If you’ve got a desk job, then you may think you’ve been training for this sport all your professional life. But there’s more to “extreme sitting” than meets the eye. Using colorful (and pricey) plastic stools, extreme sitting, called “Sporthocking” in German, originated in Berlin around 2008. Invented by brothers Michael and Stephen Landschutz, the purpose of the sport is to perform tricks, the amount and difficulty of which are scored. Sporthocking participants maneuver themselves while sitting on a special stool, spinning, juggling, kicking, sliding, or doing any number of impressive feats, before banging their bums onto the stools as their finale.:

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