[Answer] Where is this ancient grassy tomb?

Where is this ancient grassy tomb?

…1. Iceland 2. Norway 3. Lithuania 4. Ireland

[Answer] Where is this ancient grassy tomb?

Answer –

Ireland – Located in Boyne Valley, Ireland’s Newgrange World Heritage Site was constructed by farmers during the Stone Age in 3,200 BCE. That’s 700 years before the Great Pyramids of Giza were built! This 5,200-year-old tomb includes a 62-foot-long passage leading into a chamber with three alcoves. The mound is 43 feet tall and 279 feet in diameter with the chamber and passage aligning with the rising sun of the Winter Solstice. The passage tomb is believed to have served as a significant site for astrological, religious, and ceremonial purposes. Surrounding the mound are 97 large stones with megalithic art engravings, known as kerbstones, and some 35 smaller mounds make up the complex.:

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