[Answer] Where is this arched rock formation?

Where is this arched rock formation?

…1. Rio de Janiero, Brazil 2. Adelaide, Australia 3. Yangshuo, China 4. Maratea, Italy

[Answer] Where is this arched rock formation?

Answer –

Yangshuo, China – This beautiful rock arch covered in green vegetation is called Moon Hill, located in Yangshuo, China. It was first climbed by Todd Skinner in the 1990s, and since then has become a popular spot for hikers from around the world. Biking through Yangshuo County is a great activity for people who love a scenic ride. Freestyle climbing skills are definitely not required to get to the summit of the hill, since there are actually quite a few paths to take (which vary in difficulty). It’s the view from the summit that really makes all the climbing worth it, however; upon reaching the top of Moon Hill, you’ll find stunning panoramic views of Yangshuo’s karst hills.:

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