[Answer] Where is this fairytale-like pond?

Where is this fairytale-like pond?

…1. Sweden 2. Japan 3. Austria 4. New Zealand

[Answer] Where is this fairytale-like pond?

Answer –

Japan – The ethereal shades of blue found in Blue Pond near the town of Biei, Japan, look straight out of a fairytale! Created in order to prevent mudflow damage from Mount Tokachi, the pond contains water from Shirahige Falls, depositing impurities alongside natural minerals, like colloidal aluminum hydroxide, resulting in a range of blues varying from turquoise to royal blue. The colors you see — and their vibrancy — often depend on the environment at the time of viewing. The weather or season in which you visit Blue Pond will dictate the shade of the water. The silver birch and larch trees surrounding the pond add to the ambiance.:

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