[Answer] Where is this palace and its "trick fountains"?

Where is this palace and its “trick fountains”?

…1. France 2. Austria 3. The Netherlands 4. Spain

[Answer] Where is this palace and its “trick fountains”?

Answer –

Austria – If you’re a 17th-century Austrian aristocrat and you want to show off to your friends, what do you build? Magical fountains. The archbishop of Salzburg, Markus Sittikus, commissioned Schloss Hellbrunn as a summer palace meant only for daytime retreats. With no bedrooms inside, the palace was built purely to entertain guests. Named after Hellbrunn River, the palace features garden fountains fed by its waters. One of the palace’s “tricks” involves a table setting geared with secret water spouts, allowing water to spray out of the seats and tables once unaware picnickers finished their feast. Afterward, the archbishop would lead his sodden guests through the gardens to see the many grottoes and mythological statues, including the Crown Grotto, which has another trick fountain. Today, you can still be soaked by the trick fountains during your visit!:

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