[Answer] Where is this star-shaped village?

Where is this star-shaped village?

…1. The Netherlands 2. Austria 3. Lithuania 4. Belarus

[Answer] Where is this star-shaped village?

Answer –

The Netherlands – The village of Bourtange is not the only star-shaped fortress town, but it’s certainly one of the best looking. Located in the Netherlands near the German border, the medieval fortress dates back to the late 16th century. The fort was initially built by William of Orange during the Eighty Years’ War with Spain. His intention was to control the road that connected the city of Groningen with Germany, which was Spanish-occupied at the time. For nearly a century, Bourtange was a normal town, but in the mid-20th century, it welcomed canals and medieval architecture, which remain today. When you visit, you can sleep overnight in renovated barracks and watch a battle re-enactment of the Eighty Years’ War.:

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