[Answer] Where is this "stone forest"?

Where is this “stone forest”?

…1. Argentina 2. China 3. Canada 4. Czechia

[Answer] Where is this “stone forest”?

Answer –

China – There are petrified forests and then there are forests that have simply been built of stone. China’s Kunming Stone Forest is the latter. The karst landscape made of limestone was called the “First Wonder of the World” as far back as the Ming Dynasty during the 14th century. The spellbinding forest of rock looks like plants, animals, and people have been bound by spells, as many of the jagged stones look like recognizable figures and shapes. Are they perhaps humans stuck in time, enchanted or cursed? Or are these just nature’s masterpieces, shaped by erosion? You can decide for yourself when you visit the Greater Stone Forest, the Lesser Stone Forest, and even the Subterranean Stone Forest at Zhiyun Cave.:

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