[Answer] Where was America’s first zoo?

Where was America’s first zoo?

…1. Boston 2. Baltimore 3. Washington, D.C. 4. Philadelphia

[Answer] Where was America’s first zoo?

Answer –

Philadelphia – Philadelphia holds an important place in early American history, even once serving as the nation’s capital before Washington, D.C. But one thing this burgeoning American city didn’t have in the 1700s? A zoo. In fact, pretty much no city did — as least, not in the sense that we’d mean it today. The opening of the London Zoo to the general public in the 1820s marked the beginning of zoos as we know them. London’s zoo was a success, and soon cities were creating zoos (or opening existing zoological society zoos to a broader public) around the world. The Zoological Society of Philadelphia got its charter approved in 1859, though delays caused by the Civil War kept America’s first zoo from opening its doors until 1874. Today it is home to nearly 1,300 animals, including many rare and endangered species.:

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