[Answer] Where was the world’s first parking meter?

Where was the world’s first parking meter?

…1. New York City 2. Oklahoma City 3. London 4. Detroit

[Answer] Where was the world’s first parking meter?

Answer –

Oklahoma City – The next time you feed the meter, you can thank a man named Carl C. Magee. Magee made a career as a newspaper reporter in Albuquerque, New Mexico, before leaving for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where he hoped to start a newspaper of his own. When he arrived in Oklahoma City, Magee was struck by the lack of places to park passenger cars. That was a widespread problem at the time (and a relatively new one, too, since cars were only then becoming accessible to the general public). Magee’s solution for freeing up convenient parking was to limit the time spent in spots with a coin-operated device he called the “Park-O-Meter.” Park-O-Meter No .1, the world’s first parking meter, was installed on the southeast corner of what was then First Street and Robinson Avenue on July 16, 1935. The car-driving public wasn’t thrilled with what amounted to a new tax on parking, but the meters were installed across Oklahoma City, and other cities in the United States and around the world soon followed suit.:

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