[Answer] Who is Mount Rushmore named after?

Who is Mount Rushmore named after?

…1. The mountain’s sculptor 2. A Sioux chief 3. A New York lawyer 4. A South Dakota politician

[Answer] Who is Mount Rushmore named after?

Answer –

A New York lawyer – While most can name the four presidents whose faces are memorialized in the mountain, fewer people know the namesake of Mount Rushmore. The mountain in the Black Hills was named after New York attorney Charles E. Rushmore, who worked for Harney Peak Tin Mining Company during the late 19th century. Rushmore was reviewing the legal titles of properties in the area when he asked a local guide, Bill Challis, about the name of the granite outcropping. The National Park Service quotes Challis as saying, “Never had a name, but from now on we’ll call it Rushmore.” (This turned out to be incorrect, as the mountains had two different Lakota names and sat on land considered sacred by the Sioux, who were forced out by the U.S. government.) The Mount Rushmore name stuck, however, and became official in June of 1930 after the presidential carving had begun — it was completed in 1941.:

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