[Answer] What are Canada’s two national sports?

What are Canada’s two national sports?

…1. Ice Hockey and Lacrosse 2. Ice Hockey and Curling 3. Ice Hockey and Baseball 4. Ice Hockey and Rugby

[Answer] What are Canada’s two national sports?

Answer –

Ice Hockey and Lacrosse – If you can’t decide on one national sport, why not pick two? That’s exactly what Canada did after a decades-long disagreement between proponents of two very different games to represent Canada: ice hockey and lacrosse. In 1994, the National Sports of Canada Act declared ice hockey the national winter sport and lacrosse the national summer sport (though, of course, both can be played year round). Lacrosse’s roots go back hundreds of years to the Native Americans, but the French gave it the name meaning “the stick.” Ice hockey originated in the early 1800s, evolved from a number of similar European sports involving sticks and balls. But Canada made hockey the sport it is today — the first organized indoor game of ice hockey was played in Montreal in 1875.:

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