[Answer] Which state produces the most lobster?

Which state produces the most lobster?

…1. Alaska 2. Massachusetts 3. Maine 4. Washington

[Answer] Which state produces the most lobster?

Answer –

Maine – Fancy a lobster for dinner? Chances are, you have Maine to thank for that indulgence. For decades, Maine has produced far more lobster than any other state — in 2016 alone, Maine brought home 132 million pounds of lobster worth an astonishing $537.9 million. In (a very distant) second place was Massachusetts with 17.7 million pounds. Together, these two states produced more than 94 percent of American lobsters, which are found along the Atlantic coast from North Carolina to northeastern Canada. Note: This does not include the spiny lobster, also known as rock lobster or langoustine, which are much smaller and are found in the much warmer waters of the Caribbean. In contrast, American lobster can weigh up to 44 pounds — and may also live to be 100 years old.:

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