[Answer] What is the deepest sea on earth?

What is the deepest sea on earth?

…1. Caspian 2. Baltic 3. Mediterranean 4. Caribbean

[Answer] What is the deepest sea on earth?

Answer –

Caribbean – Between the Cayman Islands and Jamaica lies the Cayman Trench, which has a maximum depth of 25,216 feet — enough to make the Caribbean the deepest sea on earth. So while the Mediterranean, Baltic, Caspian, and other seas all have their own claims to fame, none rival the pirate-friendly Caribbean in terms of sheer depth. The world ocean covers more than 70% of the planet’s surface and is all interconnected, but if you’re trying to remember the difference between oceans and seas, the short version is that the latter are smaller and partially enclosed by land. That’s also why there are so many more of them: The world has five named oceans and more than 50 seas.:

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