[Answer] What is the only continent without glaciers?

What is the only continent without glaciers?

…1. Africa 2. South America 3. Europe 4. Australia

[Answer] What is the only continent without glaciers?

Answer –

Australia – Earth’s glaciers appear on all continents except for the land down under – Australia. Most glaciers are found within the Arctic Islands, followed closely by North America and central Asia. These locations offer the perfect conditions for glacier formation with their cold temperatures and geographic location. Glaciers are formed over many years by the melting of heavy snow and subsequent refreeze, explaining why most occur within mountains or at either pole. Glaciers are an important source of drinking water for many, and local farmers rely on glacial runoff for irrigation. Glaciers are not stationary, either, but move at a slow rate due to their weight, flowing across valleys or into the sea depending on their location. At the same time, glaciers can retreat, moving the other way if conditions such as heavy snow allow for it. Earth’s glaciers contain roughly 75 percent of our freshwater, and if they were to all melt, sea levels would rise worldwide by an astounding 230 feet.:

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