[Answer] Where was Nutella invented?

Where was Nutella invented?

…1. The Netherlands 2. France 3. Switzerland 4. Italy

[Answer] Where was Nutella invented?

Answer –

Italy – The chocolate hazelnut spread now found in pantries around the world got its origins in none other than Italia. Faced with a shortage of cocoa after World War II, Pietro Ferrero, a pastry maker from Piedmont, created the sweet paste by combining hazelnuts and sugar — with only a small bit of cocoa. He named it “Giandujot” after a famous local carnival at the time. In 1951, the Giandujot paste was transformed into a new product that could be easily spread on bread, called SuperCrema (Nutella’s precursor). Pietro Ferrero’s son Michele modified the recipe in 1964 and created the first-ever jar of a new hazelnut-and-cocoa cream called Nutella. Over the next decade, Nutella quickly “spread” throughout Europe, and soon the world — the first production plant outside the continent opened in Australia in 1978. The spread is now so popular that World Nutella Day is celebrated on February 5.:

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