[Answer] Which state has the most caves?

Which state has the most caves?

…1. Tennessee 2. Kentucky 3. New York 4. Alabama

[Answer] Which state has the most caves?

Answer –

Tennessee – Spelunkers, take note: Tennessee has a lot of caves — nearly 10,000, in fact, making it the most cavernous state in the country. The lion’s share of these natural formations can be found in the eastern portion of the state near the Appalachian mountains, and many are actually on private property. Among those open to the public for exploration are Cumberland Caverns, the Bell Witch Cave, the Lost Sea, and other well-known caves that draw adventurous visitors year after year. It isn’t the only state with a large number of caves, however, as seasoned spelunkers will know that the Volunteer State is part of TAG — short for Tennessee-Alabama-Georgia, a limestone-rich region full of caves.:

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