[Answer] Where is this elephant-shaped rock?

Where is this elephant-shaped rock?

…1. Norway 2. Thailand 3. Iceland 4. Lithuania

[Answer] Where is this elephant-shaped rock?

Answer –

Iceland – Visit the Westman Islands in Iceland, and you’ll encounter a petrified elephant. Appearing to be frozen in the act of dipping its trunk into the Atlantic Ocean, Elephant Rock makes some visitors question whether elephants ever set foot on the island nation. This interesting rock formation is not a fossilized elephant, however; it resulted from a volcanic eruption. Eruptions near Iceland often occur below sea level, as the two continental plates Iceland sits atop produce regular activity. Made of basalt rock, Elephant Rock is believed to have been formed by an eruption in 1973 that forced many on the island of Heimaey (Home Island) to evacuate.:

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