[Answer] Where was saltwater taffy invented?

Where was saltwater taffy invented?

…1. Florida 2. Virginia 3. South Carolina 4. New Jersey

[Answer] Where was saltwater taffy invented?

Answer –

New Jersey – Saltwater taffy was first made in Atlantic City, and today the treat is recognized as New Jersey’s official state candy. The candy does not contain saltwater (although salt and water are common ingredients). In the 1880s, candy-making rivals sold taffy on the Atlantic City boardwalk. After a storm flooded his shop with seawater, David Bradley wiped off the seafoam and realized the taffy was still good to eat. He rebranded it as saltwater taffy and the name caught on, even while the recipe itself never changed. The taffy was shipped to soldiers in care packages during World War II, and in the 1970s, the sweet rose to prominence again as new casinos attracted visitors to Atlantic City.:

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