Degree of Polynomial solution codechef

Degree of Polynomial solution codechef In mathematics, the degree of polynomials in one variable is the highest power of the variable in the algebraic expression with non-zero coefficient. Chef has a polynomial in one variable xx with NN terms. The polynomial looks like A0⋅x0+A1⋅x1+…+AN−2⋅xN−2+AN−1⋅xN−1A0⋅x0+A1⋅x1+…+AN−2⋅xN−2+AN−1⋅xN−1 where Ai−1Ai−1 denotes the coefficient of the ithith term xi−1xi−1 for all (1≤i≤N)(1≤i≤N). Find the degree of the polynomial. Edology is a global Ed-Tech brand that … Read more